study for a sustainable city


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Year: 2005/06
Sector: masterplanning
Client: Abu Dhabi Government and Private
Management: Proger UAE
Surface: 100.000.000 m2
Activity: Preliminary design

Phase: Approved

Al Diwan City is a large master plan for a new sustain- able city located near Abu Dhabi. The idea is to create an integrated urban concept that will bring a social, functional and civic mix, as well as an integrated and balanced echo-system, in terms of water, earth, air and vegetation. Due to this concept, an integrated program, project, operations and administration management are necessary to generate it. The plan is structured for phases and each one is conceived as a micro township, in order to have in every phase all the services needed. In addition the echo balancing creates economic benefits and synergies. Indeed the five dimensional organization (space, time, energy) implies extended economies. Therefore the project wants the planning for optimized design, construction, operations, administration, sustainable growth and total environmental respect. Al Diwan mainly represents: a state of the art of urban planning concept; coordinated architectural and engineering challenge with international commercial focus that joins the immediate starting viability and financial spin off. Al Diwan is proud to have the world tallest, largest and longest building, but sustainable building element. It brings the history to make urban environment.