We are an international team of architects, masterplanners,
interior designers and engineers.

Our international team operates undertaking projects worldwide. Combining a strong ethos for high quality design with a deep understanding of commercial and technical requirements enables us to deliver schemes that exceed our clients’ expectations and provide award-winning, sustainable environments that people enjoy. This brochure provides an overview of a variety of our projects across a range of sectors.

kei_en is intended as a shorthand that comes from an email address research.

Kei_en.enzocalabresedesignstudio was established in Pescara in 1998 by Enzo Calabrese and soon it has gained recognitions in the filed of architecture and industrial design in Italy and abroad. In 2006 kei_en became an Srl and it is managed by the founder Enzo Calabrese and the partner Maddalena Martimucci. The office’s research and the professional activity are today concretized in some realizations with refined and secure language. They results from meticulous work about form and languages subtended to it, which is able to express technological, functional, performances contents throughout coherent and poetic writings.

Kei_en Studio’s architecture is the results of an analytic process which elaborates different environmental, cultural, social, economical input that influences the project. The architectural language research always goes together with a refinement enforceable and the ability of the project management in all his phases: from feasibility, to master plan design, urban renovation and architecture development in all his phases.

Kei_en has an approach of integrated and sustainable architecture, where the dialogue and the management between experts is the fundamental. In the last years the firm, due to the activity of the office’s section tenders and competitions, has been interested to a wide and inter- national market, consolidating a network of professionals to manage complex projects. Several appointments derives from the great results of public and private design competitions. Since 2006 kei_en.enzocalabresedesignstudio often join other company to integrate services and project management and participates to tenders and competition under the name Kei_en & Partners.


Founder: prof. arch. Enzo Calabrese
Architectural division and technical director: arch. Elvin McMillan
Architectural Research  and Project: prof.arch. Enzo Calabrese
Industrial Design responsible: prof.arch. Enzo Calabrese
Project team: Guido Bruzzi, Gaetano Pompilio, Giulia Aurelia Urbano, Lucilla Toro, Dalila Di Brigida, Siriana Di Tommaso, Giulia Mistichelli, Greg Mothers, Fabiana Pizzoli, Ilaria Sferrella, Giulia Zaccari, Pamela Iannuccelli, Marlisa Marasco, Martina Di Panfilo, Barbara Di Bernardo, Stefania Di Sario.
Operative segretary: dott. Maria Martimucci
External partner: arch. Nebeh E. Nwoka – London | Abuja _ arch.Frederich Kraemer – Bali | Honk Kong

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