empatich skin

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Year: 2005/6
Sector: retail
Client: Private
Engineering: Proger UAE
Budget: € 65.000.000
Surface: 40.000 m 2
Activity: Preliminary and detail design

Phase: Approved

The project is located at few miles from the centre of Abu Dhabi and it is characterized by his simple volume, dynamic skin and section. Indeed the parallelepiped shape, simple and flat in elevation, is rather very articulated in section in order to organize the internal space. Shopping centre, multiplex cinema, bar and restaurant

are disposed to create a game of “full and empty” giving to the top a sort of open space, which is conversely covered. The whole block is wrapped by a second skin, translucent on the four elevations, that becomes huge screens retro-projected.

Al Rahba Mall is then a carrier of infinitive prospective that will change the around landscape, according to the film program and adverts. It is an example of when the container explain the content.