an invention of space

Pescara, Italy

sergio camplone -- enzo calabrese-4

Year: 2013/14
Sector: architecture / interior design
Client: private
Activity: concept and interior design

Phase: Completed


Shortlisted Logo 2014__

Cubalibro is an idea of multifunctional space provided using a single object. Cubalibro, is much more than a furniture, and also much more of an little interior architecture … Cubalibro represents an extreme synthesis of the concept of intelligent interior design. In a normal day, in a normal house, in a normal city, in a not-normal country, like Italy … a traditional client dreamed of having a new image in his home, but… without making big changes ! We could remove just one wall!!! … so… was born Cubalibro!

There was a need to have a space for clothes at the entrance, a small office to write and store private documents, a place where mirror before going out… a small library, a space at the entrance where you can drop your mail and keys, a place for home theater … … but the client was expressed a desire to have especially a new perception of the quality of the interior space of the house, in the main places of life. … And all this, you had to understand, just inside the front door.

Cubalibro looks like a cubic volume, which have been removed some parts, to form various functional spaces. Load-bearing walls in wood have a cavity that allows the passage of electric cables for power, and for voice data and IT. Each face of the cube has a different theme that includes various functions: hi-fi and home theater, TV, reception, emptying pockets, library, service box, umbrella stands, and space inside the cube locker room and office.