Suspended volume

Rome, Italy

Year: 2001/02
Sector: transportation
Client: ABDR Architects, Proger Spa, FS Spa
Budget: € 42.000.000
Surface: 10.000 m2
Activity: Concept and engineering design;
Preliminary, detail and final design of suspended internal volumes

International Competition Winner
Phase: Completed

The new Railways Station “Roma Tiburtina” is the station for the high speed trains, which connects Rome with Milan, Florence, Bologna and Naples in only few hours. ABDR Italian firm is the award- ing winning firm which designed this new station. Kei_en.enzocalabresedesignstudio worked in partnership with them and specifically designed the interior “suspended volume” of the station. The project consist in eight huge object suspended in the middle of the station hall. Their function is to contain some important services: ticket office, bookshop, hops and vip lounge. The structure is thought as a boat, realized with ribs guyed buffered at sandwich.