the children thinking



Year: 2010/11
Sector: educational
Client: Galotti Spa, Rome Municipality
Engineering: Starking
Budget: € 2.000.000
Activity: Preliminary, detail and final design; artistic direction

International Competition Winner
Phase: Under construction

The nursery school is located inside a wide system of organized green space. It is thought as relationship space among the whole Zoning Plan. The project defines the space dedicated to children’s instruction and growth.

The program is thought as a sum of objects, a sort of big “lego” which host each distinct school’s function and compounds the landscape. The simple shape and poetic, that feeds the formal suggestions linked to different volumes, are subsidiary of this certainty: to find a plastic solution which express the relationship between ordinary and extraordinary, past and future, educative choice and normal relationship. Furthermore we thought that work with the theme of “play” would be the appropriate decision to built a school.