Rome, Italy

Year: 2006/07
Sector: interior design
Client: Finnat Bank
Engineering: Proger Spa.
Budget: € 1.400.000
Surface: 800 m2
Activity: Preliminary, detail and final design

Phase: Completed


The Finnat Bank Headquarters is located into a historic building in Piazza del Gesù in Rome. The project upfront, confronted itself with conservation problems of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. The solutions of main problems about plant design and walls, has been the base of the project idea.

The whole internal space, the different rooms and the distribution, had been reinvented by putting a new volume as a second internal façade. This façade draws, furnishes ,distributes and lights the internal space as well as hides the 100% of plants. Façade’s materials go from fibre cement slab waxed, to wood and crystal back lacquered.