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Spoltore (PE), ITALY

Year: 2004/06
Sector: leisure
Client: Municipality Theathre
Consultant: Cesare Ronconi
Budget: € 2.000.000
Surface: 1.500 m 2
Activity: Preliminary, detail and final design

Phase: Approved

Mammuth is a refurbished building located in Spoltore, an interesting historic centre in the metropolitan area of Pescara, Italy. Originally it was a food-market and once it was relocated in another area, the Municipality of Spoltore decided to dedicate this space to a leisure centre, like a theatre.

Thus the design idea was more in terms of function than design in itself. It was a program of complex relationships: landscape, urban context, function and perception.

We wrapped the building with a new skin, and we organized the functional space with some volumes, inside and outside.