4 T UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [5]

Rome, Italy

Year: 2003
Sector: interior design
Client: private
Budget: € 800.000
Surface: 500 m2

Activity: Preliminary, detail and final design; construction supervisor

Phase: Completed

The 28C Wine Bar is located inside the walls of the for- mer slaughterhouse in Testaccio, Rome. The space is divided into different rooms, all communicating.

The idea was to create a fascinating continuos introspection between one room and the other in order to make the space very dynamic. This theme has been enhanced with the introduction of large objects that can be seen whenever you are in any room. Inside the Wine Bar 28C everything is huge, especially the giant lamps, which are ubiquitous. They have been made in Cinecittà laboratories.