light dream


indoor & outdoor lamp

Year: 2012
Producer: Davide Groppi
Design: Enzo Calabrese + Davide Groppi

Floor halogen / led lamp – adjustable reflector for in and outdoor spaces. Stem inclination 0° / 10° / 20° – metal – fiberglass.

… Sampei is a floor lamp and suspended at the same time.
A sign in the space at the service of light, able to occupy important dimensions and at the same time to be discrete. A blade of grass that sways and bends almost under “ the weight of the eye “. A light structure in carbon composite, capable to capture the emotions and vibrate at the slightest movement. Because Sampei is “really” a fishing rod, linear and performance as you want, made ​​up of elements wedged together in a telescopic system, anchored at the base with a joint detail which attracts the spinning reel. Available in outdoor and indoor version, measuring from 2.40 to 4.90 meters in height, with the ability to tilt up to 30 ° due to the joint of the base, which allows to illuminate a distance with a beam of halogen light or LED …

Elle Decor International Design Award 2012