Turin, Italy

Year: 2011
Sector: interior design
Client: Reale Mutua Assicurazione
Budget: € 5.168.329
Surface: 230 m2
Activity: Preliminary design

Invited competition

Torre del Malis in Turin is the second landmark/skyscaper in Turin after the Mole Antonelliana. It is located in the main square, p.zza Castello. The call for proposal required two new café, one at the 5th floor and the other at the 8th, as well as two panoramic lifts. Mainly the project is compounded by “glass frames” on the existing façade, which have different functions: sustain the footbridge for maintenance; shield and protect workers in the case of the new lift-tower; shield from the sun, but without give up the transparency for the restaurant. However, the project wants to give to the urban Landscape a new powered image of the tower, defragmenting the shape.