a masterplan for a sustainable city



Year: 2006/07
Sector: masterplanning
Client: Bukatir Group
Partner: SCET Tunis
Engineering: Proger UAE
Surface: 4.500.000 m2

Phase: Approved / Under construction

Sports cities are the model of development for sustain- able living. A private company, through an agreement with a large sports club (its size is measured above all its ability to generate culture, behavioral and economic profit related to the world of sport) made an offer to the Tunisian Government to re-develop part of its territory, introducing the concept of Quality Life Environment through a close relationship with sport. Tunis Sport City is the result of the design and coordination of numerous companies, responsible for its management, engineer- ing, infrastructures and sustainable design-mobility, energy, landscape and economics etc.The first phase of work began in April 2009. The Tunis Sports City, now under construction, consists of apartment buildings and several sports facilities. Built by the Bukhairt Group Construction, the project began in 2008 after being approved by the Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The site is located in the Lac de Tunis, and an in- creasing number of multi-national companies have set up offices here. The site is bordered by two roads , the main the main Rue de Lac on one side and the motorway connecting Tunis with the suburbs on the other. The first part of the project, the “Cedar” residential project, will be completed in two-years period. The Tunis Sports City will encompass numerous entrainment facilities specializing in various sport discipline such as tennis, golf and tennis. The project also includes various sports academies, a 20.000 capacity football stadium, a swimming centre with an Olympic swimming pool, a thalassotherapy centre and an indoor service centre.